Merch Stable is a platform designed by Printed Threads to help you put out new merch without taking unnecessary risks.

Our features allow you to get your shirt ideas out in the wild, see what sells, and scale production to meet the demand.

The ultimate goal is to provide a stable environment in which we can help grow your merch lineup while you focus on growing your band, brand, or business.

Let's make your Merch Stable!

Print On Demand

Start selling shirts without the worry of buying too much inventory. We print & ship as they're ordered, while you sit back and collect mailbox money!

Pre-Orders & Fundraisers

Limited-time offers can increase the value of a product and help raise additional funds. Get creative with how to drive demand!


If you print with us, you can also gain access to our standard fulfillment service. Unload those boxes of shirts from the trailer and we'll count, sell, and ship them for you!

Ready to get a move on?